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Tamiya offers a Semi-Trailer model that can be hitched-up to the 1/14 scale R/C tractor truck. The box type trailer uses hard-anodized aluminum panels for the utmost durability and realism. Rear gate doors open just like on the real life full-sized trailers.

Made from Hard anodized aluminum panels for the utmost in durability & realism. Features include Rear gate doors that are opened with realistic latches and hinges & Retractable support legs that automatically retract when the trailer is hitched to the truck. Other notable features are Chrome wheels with rubber tires (eight of each--for dual wheels), Rubber wheel chocks, Realistic suspension with leaf springs and coil shocks, Aluminum frame, gate, gate frame and metal hinges for the rear gates(doors).

NOTE: This truck requires full assembly.

Assembled dimensions: Length: 34.6",Width: 7.32",Height: 11.8". Weight: 11.82 lbs.

There is a hop-up light set for this trailer for added realism. These lights are for brake lights (one left and one right) and turn signal (or "blinker") lights (one left and one right). The bulbs are clear and installed behind the brake and turn signal lenses (just like a real car/truck).

Tamiya Trailer Full Ball Bearing Set also available as an option (Not Required to build the truck and not included in the basic kit).

Tamiya Semi Trailer Dry Van 1/14 scale
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