Understanding Scales

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Understanding Scales for Die Cast Trucks

Scales are used to designate the size of die cast replicas. They reference the size of the unit compared to a life size car, truck, crane etc.. For instance a 1/50 scale toy truck is one 50th of the size of the real truck. The smaller the second number the closer to real life size, 1/1 scale. Another way to look at it is a 1/25 scale truck is twice as big as a 1/50 scale truck of the same item. We have photos for use as an example of different scale trucks (note: the lengths used in the examples are not the exact lengths for every scale truck, they are for use as a guide only for a visual reference to compare different scale trucks, sizes will vary).

Special note: Some of the descriptions include information describing common trucking terms, for example a 36" or 63" sleeper refers to the real life sleeper bunk size, not the actual inches of the sleeper berth on the replica.

Reference Guide for what scale trucks work with what
gauge for Railroad Modelers
"G" Gauge 1/24 & 1/25 Scales
"Standard" Gauge 1/30, 1/32 & 1/34 Scales
"O" Gauge 1/43, 1/48, 1/50 & 1/55 Scales
"S" Gauge 1/60, 1/64, 1/70 & 1/72 Scales
"HO" Gauge 1/87 through 1/100 Scales

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